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10:02am on Sunday, 1st January, 2012:

Last Year's Posts


As usual around this time of year, I write a cop-out QBlog entry that merely states the visit stats for the previous year. Today is no exception.

Overall, there were 56,439 visits to QBlog, which is weirdly up on last year (by 2,552). I was expecting it to be lower because blogs are out of fashion now and many regular readers follow the repostings I do on Google+ instead, where there's a comments system they can use to tell me I've made a typo in a post about the unacceptability of newspaper typos. 2,552 is only about 4.5% of the total number of visitors QBlog got, though, which I regard as an indication that readership is holding steady rather than falling.

As for the most popular posts last year, well usually there are several spikes. Two years ago, the top one was 880 visits and the next three were around 400. Last year, the top two were around 350 visits and the third-placed was 263 visits. This time round it's, well, different...

The top post of 2011, with 1,497 visits, was the entry from 7th June on the slutwalk phenomenon. As its main purpose was to embarrass my elder daughter, I guess this means it served its purpose. I'm now glad she went back home to Bristol yesterday, or she'd be mumbling darkly at me today about it... The spike actually came on the day after the post, because on the day itself I uploaded it and it somehow got lost so I had to re-upload it on the 8th.

Compared to this post, the other posts are nowhere in terms of popularity. However, there were some spikes that would have made the grade last year, so here they are:

I don't know which of the posts on 2nd April was responsible for the surge that day; neither of them received any Facebook likes. There was another high-value post, of 324 on 9th June, but that was probably from people who read the slutwalk post and read QBlog the next day to see if I'd say anything else interesting (I didn't).

So, to improve readership next year I should say more insulting things about my family and try to post in April.

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