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10:19am on Friday, 1st January, 2010:

5 Today


QBlog is 5 years old today.

Last year, it was visited 62,791 times in total. It usually gets 100 to 150 visits per day, I'm guessing from the same 100 to 150 people who visited the previous day. It has minor spikes that take it over 200 (thereby explaining why 150 is less than 62,791/365). There were, however, four major spikes in there which attracted over 300 visits:

So, if I want to attract more visitors, I should criticise Wikipedia, praise the wrong part of World of Warcraft, have a vague connection to someone thrust into the limelight, or mention vice in Las Vegas. Lots of vice. Prostitutes everywhere, propositioning everyone. No, really, even police officers and trees.

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