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9:44am on Monday, 3rd January, 2011:

Last Year's Posts


Last year, I gave a brief overview of QBlog's top posts from 2009. Here's the same kind of thing for 2010.

There were 53,887 visits altogether, which is down on last year. Blogs are old hat now (people prefer Facebook and Twitter), so I'm not entirely surprised by this. I expect it will continue dropping until I drop it.

There were three major spikes:

Those wouldn't even have qualified as spikes last year, mind you.

There were two other posts that stuck their heads up noticeably higher than the rest:

So, the lessons for this year are that if I want to attract more visitors I should insult newspaper contributors, support gays, disparage Facebook, mention family members who have more friends than I do, and write games.

Hey, I actually can write games! Maybe I'll do some more of that if I ever manage to finish marking these assignments (they're taking me 2-3 hours each, which is much longer than I was expecting — I've only managed 4 so far).

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