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7:05pm on Saturday, 31st December, 2011:



There's a hige fireworks display in London tonight, what with its being New Year's Eve and all.

Suppose I wanted to see it. Parking in central London on New Year's Eve is about as easy as parking on Venus, so I'd have to go by public transport. As I'd be coming back after midnight (when the fireworks are), that means taking the train.

"The train" today means a train to Ingatestone, then a buss to Newbury Park, then the underground to Liverpool Street. That's right: they're doing rail engineering work on New Year's Eve. Great.

As it happens, I don't want to go and see the fireworks in London tonight because my wife is burning through the DVDs she got for Christmas and now only has ones left that I also want to watch, so I'll be watching one of those (probably Source Code). However, my elder daughter returned to Bristol today, so did have to run that gauntlet (she should be getting into Bristol Temple Meads about now, four hours after she left Colchester).

Hopefully, this engineering work will be over after the Olympics. Meantime, there's a poster up at the station telling us all to expect to have to take a buses-replace-trains service if we travel back from London after 10:30pm on Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Sigh...

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