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2:01pm on Saturday, 2nd April, 2011:

Sticky Finger


I was in Sainsbury's today, and (among other things) bought a bunch of bananas. Because I was using their "shop and go" technology, in which you do all the scanning yourself as you fill your bags so you don't have to wait as long when you pay and so Sainsbury's can study the full implications of their awful shop layouts. Because the bananas were loose, I had to weigh them. This meant putting them on some scales and pressing a touch screen.

The touch screen was sticky. I touched it exactly where someone with a sticky finger had previously touched it. I spent the rest of the shopping trip wondering what awful infection I may have picked up on my finger. I still wonder what I might have caught from playing with an iPad 2 in the London Apple store earlier this week, too.

Touch screens, eww...

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