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11:29am on Friday, 1st January, 2021:



Well, there goes 2020, the first year of my life when I haven't seen my father in the flesh and the first year of my elder daughter's life when I haven't seen her in the flesh.

As is traditional for QBlog at this time of year, I look back and see what Google Analytics tells me were the most popular articles. I fear that this will occasion the end of the tradition, though, because the way that Google Analytics captures page views seems to have changed. Up until 26th July I was averaging maybe 50 page views a day; from 27th July onwards, I was only getting 0 or 1. Oh well.

Looking at the posts with page views above 1, the date with the most visits was 24th July with 403. Because of the way time zones work, this may be down to the 24th July post itself (talking about the day compulsary wearing of face masks in shops began) or the 23rd July post (about ending my Final Fantasy XIV subscription).

Second-highest was 302 visits on 16th July, which was inexplicably caused either by the day's post about, er, a post on a post, or the previous day's post about my getting my hair cut.

The only other dates with relatively high page views were 195 on 23rd May (caused either by my rhubarb and custard recipe or an interest in Piatnik Luxusfiguren #26 playing cards) and 193 on 26th May (about the name Zenas).

Individual blog pages from previous years that were revisited in numbers much larger than other past posts were:
198 views of 29th November 2019, referring to player types tests;
141 views of 2nd March 2013, referring to lousy dictionary definitions of the word "roke";
80 views of 25th November 2008, showing player types expressed as Duplo models.

I'm sure you'll agree that this is as riveting a read as it always is, and the prospect of its not being repeated next year will change how much you look forward to my 1st January 2022 blog post.

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