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5:04pm on Wednesday, 15th July, 2020:



I had my hair cut today. Having timed my pre-lockdown haircut very well, it had just got to the kind of length when I'd think about getting it cut anyway, so I thought I'd give it a go before the barbers dropped their standards.

Their standards were quite good, I thought. Both barbers wore masks ("From Poundland. They cost £2") and they sprayed everything within reach after every customer. The cloth sheets they use to stop hair getting on people were replaced each time. The customers also had to wear masks, holding them in place when the elastic was released to trim around the ears. Given that the masks are to protect other people from us rather than us from other people, this wasn't quite the "argh now I could have virus on my fingers" event it could have been.

Other barbers I walked past had different arrangements. One had a barber sporting a visor-style mask instead of the kind that looks as if you're being given emergency oxygen. Two others had no face masks at all, but they were both staffed by young men who in their heads at least are immune to all known ailments.

I paid my barber double, because I don't want them going out of business. I wasn't the only person who did so, either. I was just glad they didn't go bankrupt in the four months during which they were forced to stay closed.

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