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8:58am on Tuesday, 26th May, 2020:



So, it seems that yesterday I unfairly maligned 18th-century clergymen. Further investigation reveals that the handwriting is from a 1923 "restoration" of the parish records in question. 20th-Century clergymen are to blame here.

The records did need restoring. I managed to find a scan of the original versions from the 1700s.

You can see how the restorer might have been up against it somewhat. It doesn't really help, though. What does help, though, is the burial record of one of the children of the Hutchinson in question, who had the decency to die young, but old enough that there was someone else writing it down.

That's definitely a Zenos, then.

Coincidentally, Zenos is the name of a character I loathe in Final Fantasy XIV.

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