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12:21pm on Friday, 29th November, 2019:

Player Types


There used to be a Player Types test on the Internet operated by GamerDNA, which was the longest-running online questionnaire until it was shut down a couple of years ago. It had been taken over 850,000 times when it ended. There are some replacements, of course, the most popular being the one by Matt Barr at http://matthewbarr.co.uk/bartle/.

These all test for the four-types model, though; the full model has eight types.

Well, there's now an eight-type test available on the MUDhalla web site here: https://mudhalla.net/test/bartle3d.php. They're looking for beta-testers, so feel free to rant at them if you try it out and doesn't meet your expectations.

Note that although the test is based on my work, as with the other online tests it isn't my work.

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