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9:35am on Friday, 23rd November, 2007:

You Read it Here First


So incensed was I with the lack of foresight of the FA that I packaged yesterday's QBlog post as a letter and sent it to The Guardian. They published it. Given its misuse of "manager" when it should say "coach", I guess I'm quite lucky; I didn't really consider that at the time, given that I was more concerned with stopping my blood from boiling.

This is my first letter in The Guardian since I switched from The Independent in September. It turns out that they phone between 4pm and 6pm the previous day, to check that the person whose name is on the email really sent it. Naturally, I wasn't in, but they went ahead and published it anyway.

I did send them a letter last week, asking how Trading Standards Officers tell bootleg homeopathic medicine from the real stuff, but they didn't print that one...

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