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5:08pm on Saturday, 24th November, 2007:

Places I'm not all that Fussed about Visiting #5


Continuing the occasional series with something that's going to dismay even more people than Jerusalem did...

Las Vegas.

Over-the-top hotels, well, yes, they're interesting I suppose, but no more so than a small museum in a provincial town. They're not worth going there specifically to see. There are plenty of top quality shows, which I dare say my wife would love, but I'd have to be taken there under protest. OK, so I wouldn't mind going on a roller-coaster at the top of a hotel, but again, I wouldn't go to Las Vegas specifically to ride one. As for gambling, well I used to work in a seaside amsuement arcade when I was in my teens, and am completely turned off by the idea. That leaves, er, maybe restaurants? Hardly a reason to fly several thousand miles into the middle of a desert, though.

One of the places I would like to visit is the Grand Canyon, and you can go there on day trips from Las Vegas, so that would be a reason to use it as a base. Gawd knows what I'd spend my time doing in Las Vegas the rest of the time, though. It may be the world capital of entertainment, but I don't think I'd actually find it all that entertaining.

That said, 36 million tourists a year disagree with me.

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