In Sight
Richard Bartle

In Flames
Richard Bartle


Lizzie Lott’s Sovereign
R A Bartle
47,000 words

Lizzie Lott’s Reflection
R A Bartle
70,000 words

News — Lizzie Lott Book 2 on Kindle

NotByUs is pleased to announce its second novel in the Lizzie Lott’s Adventures series: Lizzie Lott’s Reflection. Following the events in Lizzie Lott’s Sovereign, our heroine is settling into her new life in York when she is pulled into a prophecy foretold by the mysterious and elusive Sir Edwin. Can she prevent the predestined destruction of the Order of the Knights of Saint Judas?

The title will shortly be joining Lizzie Lott’s Sovereign in printed format, too.

News — Coming Soon

Learning to Live with Orcs is a contemporary-period novel with a Fantasy twist. A recently-discovered wormhole connects Earth with the distant planet Virginia, in which evolution took a completely different path. Smaller wormholes over the year have brought some of Virginia’s denizens to Earth, where they have been variously described as elves, giants, trolls — and, of course, orcs. This story follows the humorous adventures of an English anthropologist sent to Virginia to learn more about the planet’s culture. It's Social Science Fiction!

NotByUs is a publisher of genre-busting quality fiction, written by authors with repeated experience of being told by traditional publishers that their work is highly deserving of publication “but not by us”.