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12:41pm on Monday, 18th October, 2010:

Retired Presentation Pointer


No sooner does one old, trusted piece of equipment die on me than another joins it. I noticed in my last lecture that the battery in my presentation pointer was getting low, so I took out the old one and replaced it with a new one. It didn't work. I put back the old one. That didn't work either. I think I must have damaged something when I took it out the first time, as it put up quite a fight and I had to use a bent paperclip on it.

Oh well, I've been looking to get a new one for quite a while, as everyone else's presentation pointers have more functions than mine. I checked out Staples but they didn't sell them, so I went to PC World. They had only one type for sale — the same model as my old one, except it takes two AAA batteries instead of one 2032 battery. It's a bit bulkier than the old one, but functionally identical:

(That's the old one).

I do have a reserve, that I got when I was in San Antonio, but it doesn't come with a laser; this means I can't zap students with it, so 50% of its usefulness is gone right there.

Maybe I'll check out Maplins next time I'm in town, they'll probably have something powerful enough to bring down aircraft.

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