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11:36pm on Wednesday, 7th April, 2010:

Presentation Pointer


It seems I didn't pack my presentation pointer.

When I give lectures, I usually have a laser pointer with a Powerpoint-friendly remote on it so I can change slides without having to lean all the way over to my netbook and press a button. My trusty laser pointer is, however, in its pocket in my laptop bag back home. For my talk tomorrow, I'm going to need a new one.

Well, I was — but not any more! I bought this from a combined electronics/teeth-whitening stall in the mall next to the Alamo this morning:

It doesn't have a laser but wow, it has everything else! I can do all sorts of crazy things with it. It's like a sonic screwdriver for Powerpoint. That button in the top left corner switches my laptop off: I am so going to take it with me to all talks I attend in future, just to see if the speaker's laser pointer works on the same frequency.

Hmm, Condoleeza Rice is speaking at Trinity University this evening.

Nah, better not, there'll be people with guns there and stuff.

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