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3:46pm on Tuesday, 19th October, 2010:

Hot and Cold


The heating in our house has broken. Well, the thermostat has broken so the radiators won't come on, but the boiler itself is fine as we have hot water. The plumber can't come round until Thursday morning to fix it, because there's a nasty cold snap coming down from the north that means a lot of people are firing up their heating systems for the first time and finding they don't work. Ours worked fine on Saturday, but died on Sunday.

As a result, I had to sit in my own house wearing the fleece jacket that CCP gave me on my first trip to Iceland, just to keep warm. It's freezing!

My office at the university, by contrast, has a radiator set to maximum that rebuffs all efforts to turn it down. I have to have my office door open the whole time or I'd bake alive. So today I went from a frozen wasteland to a desert where my shirt stuck to my back, and now I'm back among the penguins.

My younger daughter is wandering around carrying a hot water bottle the whole time. I'd have bought one for me, too, but given what they look like I'm prepared to suffer for the sake of my masculinity:

It's supposed to get even colder tomorrow...

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