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6:23pm on Sunday, 17th October, 2010:

University Signs


I finally decided to empty my mobile phone of photos again. Here are some random ones of signs, taken at Essex University.

They have all sorts of strangely-titled conferences at the university over the summer break. This is one of them:

Ordinarily, I'd think that the word "men" here should be "main" but was mis-spelled by someone whose first language is not English. However, given the subject matter I suspect it's actually correct:

One can only imagine the hours of debate that went into the decision to go with "heroes" rather than "heroines" here:

Wouldn't it all have been so much easier if the word was "hisoes"?

Here's one of a series of three posters:

Nothing special about that, you might think, but look at the placard the guy is holding:

Back in my days as an undergraduate, when there were no CCTV cameras around, that final E in CHANGE would so have been tippexed out...

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