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1:47pm on Thursday, 10th May, 2007:



I had a double EE224 revision lecture today from 11am. It was my last lecture of the academic year — yay!

Whether it's my last lecture at Essex University depends on whether someone offers me a practical alternative before the start of next term.

This has been a very time-consuming year for me, as I've mentioned before. Assuming I'm still at Essex next academic year, it won't get any better, either, as I have to rewrite the notorious EE224 again as some of the material is already familiar to this year's EE114 students. I'll have to do a different version of the assignment, too, which was apparently very popular with the students this time round but next year's lot will know what to do if I don't change it. It was quite a fun assignment to set, but still, it was very time-consuming.

Whatever, it's good to have a few days of my week back, if only until the start of the next academic year.

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