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10:10am on Friday, 25th August, 2006:



I have to deliver a full-year module starting in October, EE224. It's entitled Computer Games Architecture and Design. I have no idea what I'm going to say in it.

I thought I wasn't going to have to teach it until 2007/08 or possibly 2008/09, but no, apparently it's starting this year.

The thing is, with the merger of the Computing and Electronics departments, we're going to be switching our modules around a bit. I was originally intending to put in EE224 some of the material I currently teach in other modules, and add a programming component using some yet-to-be-determined game engine (just as soon as I can find one with a decent SDK, documentation and model set) (that's free). However, the merger hasn't taken place yet so I can neither rip pieces from the modules that will be changing, nor can I assume that the students can program well enough that I can dump a professional-quality game engine on them. Worse, I don't know how the other lecturers are changing their modules, so if I were to decide to teach using a simple web-based system (JavaScript, Flash or whatever) it could well be that they get taught it twice. I don't suppose my colleagues would be too happy to learn that what they were about to explain in the third year had already been taught in the second. Augh!

I have to hand in the syllabus by the end of the month. That is so not going to happen...

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