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8:28am on Wednesday, 9th May, 2007:

New Keyboard


I finally retired my Gateway 2000 yesterday and got a new keyboard, a Logitech G11. It's the same as the G15 but without the awkward LCD screen (not that the help file seems to want to admit this — it continually refers to the LCD screen as if I had one).

I ordered the G11 from Amazon. It was a bargain at only 12% more than I could have got it from some dealer I've never heard of. Here's the keyboard box, on top of the box it arrived in:

Yes, they posted me a lot of air, too — for free! Thanks, Amazon!

The instructions for the keyboard aren't exactly comprehensive. Here's the diagram:

It doesn't show a lot of detail at this resolution (or indeed in reality), but here's a close-up of one of the buttons:

Now look at the explanation of what these symbols mean:

So, I see a key with MR written on it, I don't know what it means (the last keyboard I used with an MR key, it meant "Master Reset"), but it has the number 3 pointing it at, so if I look up what the number 3 refers to — aha! It's the MR key! Of course! I feel so stupid for not knowing.

In their recent assignment, I told off some of my first-year students for annotating a screenshot of a game by pointing an arrow at a button marked "Menu" and labelling it "Menu button".

Oh, it stands for "Macro Record".

This morning's spam included an ad from Amazon for "New Game Gear from Saitek". Great, you buy one piece of hardware and it condemns you to a life of targeted emails...

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