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6:22pm on Monday, 1st October, 2007:



Here's the stack of 78s my wife made me look through yesterday:

It's exactly 2 feet high, at least within the margin of error afforded by my tape measure. That's 61cm for those of you who speak metric. Other people who had eccentric uncles leave them a record collection can expect to find rare early-edition recordings by Elvis or the Beatles, but not me: my uncle was a fan of Cliff Richard and the Nolan Sisters. I gave the Nolan Sisters LPs to our local Oxfam some time last year, I think, but I don't know if they managed to sell any. I'm keeping the Cliff Richard ones in the hope that they'll go up in value when he ascends to paradise.

Apart from Cliff and the Nolans, my uncle liked Big Band music. That's what's on most of those 78s. I'm sure that somewhere, someone in the world is desperately searching for the last remaining copy on Earth of Tid-dle-id-dle-um-pum by Walter Miller with Harry Hudson's Melody Men, but if so they have until it takes me to get these to the local tip to make their claim. That might be awhile, though — a handful of shellac 78s weighs more than a couple of floor tiles...

Actually, I'm beginning to wonder if the sleeves are worth more than the records. After all, you don't get things like this any more on your iPod downloads:

For good reason too...

Again, though, it's one thing to have something collectible, but another thing entirely to find someone who collects it.

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