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11:21am on Tuesday, 2nd October, 2007:

Translated from the Past


Last night, I had a look at some more of the sleeves on the 78s I inherited from my uncle. There are some odd things in there. It seems they were regarded as ephemeral, and although most are just plain, others carry the name of the shop, or promotions for other music, or pictures of jiving teenagers that show how exciting the Slow Train Blues by Bill Macey and his orchestra must be.

I was particularly taken by a Decca sleeve that had on one side a bunch of adverts for record players. They're ... well, take a look:


They read as if they were translated into English from Japanese, with that strange lilt to them and odd mix of restraint and hyperbole that you usually only see in other cultures.

That's the thing, though: these records are 50 or 60 years old at least — they are from another culture.

50 or 60 years from now, someone is going to look back on this blog and marvel at how wonderfully twee it is.

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