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12:46pm on Sunday, 30th September, 2007:

It's a Record


Actually, it's a set of 12 records.

My wife has suddenly been overcome by a mad urge to tidy up our house, so we can do things like walk from one room to the next without tripping over books piled up on the flood. In an effort to get them out of the way, she wants some cupboard space freeing up. This means I'm finally having to get rid of the LPs I inherited form my uncle but was unable to sell on eBay.

Some are pretty good. The 15-box set The Swing Era would be worth listening to if I had a record player, and worth selling if I had the Time Life booklets that went with it. However, others are ... well let's hope Oxfam has a use for them.

Here's an example:

Hmm, that's a pretty bold claim there, Reader's Digest. Let's see what's on the last of its 12 discs, shall we? Not that if you were running short of music that will never die, that's where you'd hide it...

Hmm, well Thinking of You and The Very Thought of You are known well enough to have their own Wikipedia entries, but Remember Me? Without a trace of irony, the sleeve notes proudly state that people don't even remember the movie it's from.

Looking through the rest of the contents, there's track after track that I've never heard off. I suppose I might recognise some of the tunes were I to hear them, and they're probably mentioned on the Internet somewhere. Then again, there are people who put collections of photographs of women wearing headphones on the Internet, so merely having been found by Google is no mark of popularity. The music may still be alive, but it's on life support and the relatives are gathered round to pay their last respects before the doctor pulls the plug.

I'm going to be so cross if it turns out this set is one of only 6 ever made and is worth a fortune...

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