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8:06pm on Sunday, 14th October, 2007:



I took all the useless 78s we had to the tip earlier for recycling, where they were shamelessly descended upon by the tip workers looking for something they could make use of or perhaps money from. I did save one sleeve, though, just so I could blog the corner:

The record inside was a vinyl 78 (as opposed to the usual shellac or whatever that heavy, brittle stuff is), but what attracted my attention was the way the old price of 19⁄11 (19 shillings 11 pence) was boldly replaced by the new price of 99p. They didn't have to cross out the 19⁄11, nor did they have to make it so big (those letters are 15mm tall). They must have done so just to make the record seem new new new! Never mind that it was a 78 of the Pasadena Roof Orchestra playing Pennies from Heaven — it was 99p, so that meant it was modern.

No, people weren't that gullible in the 1970s. I expect we'll see the same tricks tried should we ever switch to Euros, though.

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