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4:50pm on Friday, 1st June, 2007:

Teaching Tables


No, this isn't a post about the education of furniture. Rather, it concerns the Student Assessment of Courses exercise that the university runs so it can, er, say it does. The way it works, students rate every course they attend out of 5, and the average is taken and put into a league table. 48 undergraduate courses were assessed in total (the other 11 weren't — I guess they didn't have enough students).

The highest-ranked course in the whole of the Electronics department is EE224, which managed a rating of 4.58. Yes, that's the same EE224 that I didn't find out I was teaching until a month before it started, so had to throw together in a crazed hurry.

As for my other courses, EE214 (which I share with John Foster) is second-highest for the second year with a score of 4.37 (fourth-highest for the department as a whole). EE314, which I also share with John Foster, gets 3.96; this makes it the fourth-highest third-year course.

My first-year course, EE114, managed 3.87. While this doesn't sound bad, first-years students tend to give high marks to all their courses, so EE114 actually scrapes in fourth-from-last.

Hmm, so I can't really make any generalisations about the quality of my teaching from this.

That doesn't mean I won't be doing it, of course!

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