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10:55am on Thursday, 31st May, 2007:

Queens Roads and The Avenues


I went to a specialst dentist yesterday to see about having an implant to replace my missing tooth.

I could have gone a lot earlier, but I've always been worried about a lump in my hard palate behind where the missing tooth is. Every time I've mentioned this to my regular dentist, she's been unimpressed. She took an X-ray after I insisted, but couldn't find anything. When I complained next time, she told me I'd already had my X-ray for the year, but she'd do when the time came. She did, too, but she still found nothing. I, on the other hand, knew there was something there.

So, I told all this to the implant dentist. He took two X-rays, and there, clear as anything, was a cyst. It's amazing what happens if you stick the X-Ray plate to the hard palate using a material transparent to X-rays, rather than have the patient hold it in place with his finger... As a result, in August he's going to take out the cyst (caused by a part of the root that the dentist who pulled my tooth didn't manage to find), then two weeks later he's going to take out the sutures (they come at the cyst from the front and from the back to ensure they get it all).

He told me all this for £65. The full treatment, including the implant, will be £2,000. Denplan, whom I pay £26.23 a month, apparently only stretch to the occasional filling and 6-monthly cleaning; having an implant is "cosmetic", so not covered. I guess I'm lucky they didn't charge me for the plate I have, because that's so useless for eating with that it's basically cosmetic too...

Anyway, here's a spooky coincidence! The street I live in, Queens Road, is one of only two Queens Roads in the Colchester area. The dentist I visited had his surgery in The Avenue — one of two The Avenues in the Colchester area. My Queens Road connects to one of The Avenues, and the Dentist's The Avenue connects to the other Queens Road.


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