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4:18pm on Wednesday, 27th April, 2005:

Drink Poison Death, Norton!


That's it. Today, I snapped. Norton Utilities' continually warning me that my subscription would expire next month pushed me over the edge. I wiped it from my system, bought McAfee instead, and installed that. It cost me less to buy than Norton wanted in yearly fee, and I can already feel my PC running faster. The box says 70,000,000 computer users worldwide rely on McAfee; it's now 70,000,001.

I loathe Norton's anti-virus software. It's given me nothing but trouble. If software could be tortured, Norton's anti-virus software would be first on my rack and last off. It would be hanged, drawn and quartered to digital oblivion. I'd want it to beg for mercy, then laugh as I denied it.

No more weekly inescapable full-system scans. No more 5-minute touch-anything-and-it-crashes downloading of parental control files when I don't even have parental controls switched on. No more 10-second delays as I open text files I myself wrote. No more "waiting for scan of wuredir.cab.bak".

Drink poison death, Norton. Slowly and painfully, die, die, die.

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