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4:29pm on Wednesday, 27th April, 2005:

Revision Lecture


Today's EE314 revision lecture was two hours long and started at 9:00. I had one student in the room at that time, but by quarter past I had almost a dozen. The latest anyone showed up was 9:40.

One of the students broke his thermos flask. Deprived of coffee, he fell asleep. At least another two were struggling to keep awake, but confined themselves to short power-naps. Let's hope this works as good training for any morning exams they have next month.

There was one unfamiliar face: a student whom I don't recall ever having seen at any of my lectures before. I would have been unable to pick him out of a line-up as anyone I had ever encountered in my entire life. This doesn't bode well for the exam, either.

Then again, the EE114 student who got the highest marks in my assignment last year didn't bother to come to any of my lectures, so what do I know?

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