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8:56am on Monday, 16th May, 2005:

Boastful Software


I've had McAfee installed for almost a month now. On the whole, it's better than <SPIT>Norton</SPIT>, in that my computer runs fast now instead of giving the impression it has a ball-and-chain attached to its legs. However, it does have its own little foibles. My main gripe is that it takes ages to decide whether an email is spam or not. To add an email to the spam pile is even slower — it takes a minimum of 5 seconds. Worse, I can't add several at once by selecting them then clicking the deletion icon, because it greys out if I select more than one. At least Norton did that.

This morning, I found another annoyance:

This kind of panel pops up every time a virus is detected. That's every time. There's a virus called W32/Zafi.b@MM that's hit the scene this morning, and so far I must have had 20 reports for it. I've had two just while typing this QBlog entry! Gaah! Make that three! Every time I get this banner, proudly telling me that the anti-virus software has saved my backside. This is boasting. I only need to know once, if at all.

What's really, really irritating, though, is that it doesn't stop there. I have two ways to get rid of the banner without rebooting my PC. One of them is to click the "find out more information" option, which takes me to a generic McAfee front page. If I click on the "Continue what I was doing" option, I get, well, let me just take a snapshot of what I get when I do that right now on banner number three that's just appeared. Hmm, since four, five and six came along too in rapid succession, maybe I'll do the last of those:

I have to click through this every time. Note that the default is to do a virus scan of my entire system!

I installed anti-virus software so that the viruses didn't bug me. I didn't expect that the anti-virus software would bug me instead.

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