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4:44pm on Monday, 12th September, 2022:



The final stop on our cruise was Guernsey, which is like an English market town 20 years ago. There are some minor differences, though. For a start, the post boxes are blue:

Also, the phone booths are yellow:

Yes, there is actually someone in thay left booth making a phone call. Maybe England 30 years ago would have been more accurate.

They have their own banknotes. I paid for something with a tenner and got a Guernsey fiver as change. Cunningly, I then bought an ice cream and handed over the fiver:

It turns out Guernsey still uses £1 notes.£.

I had the best meal of the whole holiday at lunchtime: scrambled egg on toast and bacon. The bacon was crispy, which is exactly how I like it, and the scrambled eggs came in an oval pot that when you turned it out looked like a hemisphere of a child's brain. Much better than what passes for scrambled egg on the ship ("one slice or two?").

The best thing about Guernsey was that at times it was actually quiet. No cars, no crazy seagullls, no music coming from distance cafés: just any noise you made yourself. It was very noticeable.

In my case, coughs, then.

At least it shows I don't have tinnitus.

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