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4:43pm on Tuesday, 13th September, 2022:

Caught Out


Oh. So it seems that the bad cold I caught in Portugal was indeed COVID-19. I took a test when I got home, just in case, to make sure I was OK to visit my mum in hospital, and I passed with flying colours (well, two bars).

I now suspect that this food poisoning my wife has been enduring all day is also not what it seems.

This means that I may have infected people on the ship. The only ones in real danger were the ones on our table, though, and I'm not entirely sure it wasn't them I caught it off. Still, I feel quite bad about it. We should have taken a test with us for if we suspected anything.

On the up side, at least I know now that COVID-19 isn't going to kill me (unless it's holding back for a grand finale when I'm least expecting it).

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