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9:11am on Sunday, 11th September, 2022:

Sea Day


According to my phone, I awoke at 8:40 this morning, so I got up. It turned out that during the night, we went close enough to the coast of Spain to pick up a signal, which helpfully switched the phone to Spain time. It was actually 7:40. Oh well.

I haven't felt fully fit for the past couple of days. Walking miles without enough water up and down hills in Lisbon, breathing through my mouth (to get in enough air) exposed my throat to the local germs. I awoke at 3am yesterday with such a sore throat that I thought I must have caugt COVID-19, but it rapidly went to my chest and when I got up four hours later I only had a bad cough.

Doing the same thing in Oporto didn't help, and I felt very tired upon our return. I slept for two or three hours then went to bed early. I spent a lot of last night with a chesty cough, probably from lying down (it's nowhere near as bad this morning).

This is a standard kind of cold for me (the other one is where my nose runs so much it goes sore; it's worse). Still, I think I'd better do a COVID-19 test when I get home, just in case, to make sure I'm OK to visit my mum in hospital.

I don't feel tired right now, but it would be very useful if I did because then I could sleep through the sea days. There isn't a lot to do....

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