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9:46am on Sunday, 21st November, 2021:



My wife wanted to know whether it was possible to buy a series on Amazon Prime (specifically, Wheel of Time) without subscribing to Amazon Prime. I logged into my account and clicked on a button that promised to tell me about Amazon Prime. It did tell me — but it also signed me up for Amazon Prime there and then. This consequence was not advertised by the button.

Sure, I can unsubscribe after my free month is up, but I really don't like the underhanded way they did that. I'll let it run its course, because it's going to give me free deliveries for the very month in which I buy the most off Amazon, but whether I'll keep it up rather depends on whether my wife like Wheel of Time or not.

After years of studiously avoiding all Amazon's attempts to sign me up to Amazon Prime, I can see but one benefit of acquiescing: I am no longer subjected to Amazon's attempts to sign me up to Amazon Prime.

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