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4:49pm on Monday, 22nd November, 2021:

Testing Times


I have less work to do this term than in previous academic years, which means I can start writing examination questions now rather than having to do it when I'm supposed to be on leave over Christmas. I have six papers to write, possibly nine because apparently January resits are here to stay courtesy of university high-ups who don't have to write them themselves.

I don't like writing exam questions. Hmm. Actually, that's not true: I do like writing them when they're on an interesting topic, because I can be creative about it. What I absolutely loathe is answering the questions I've set and preparing a mark scheme.
Having seen what some of my colleagues consider to be an acceptable set of questions with model answers and a viable mark scheme, I could get away with investing much less effort. However, I've actually been trained in examining, and am not yet disillusioned enough to relax my standards.

I managed to prepare one whole paper today, which is pretty good going. I may get another one done later this week if no-one dumps any additional work on me out of nowhere. Fingers crossed for a clear Christmas...

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