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12:09pm on Saturday, 20th November, 2021:

22 Years Ago


MUD had the concepts of players, wizzes and arch-wizzes. Players were regular players; wizzes were those whose characters had managed to accrue sufficient experience points (without dying) to be granted administrative powers; arch-wizzes were those leading wizzes who were given administrative powers over the wizzes.

22 years ago today, one of the arch-wizzes of MUD2, SKIFF (Henry Mueller), sent his fellow arch-wizzes an email he was proposing to send to the wizzes. This led to a long discussion, lasting several months. When it had run its course, I summarised the discussion and from it derived the Player Types model.

In the resulting paper, I state that the opening question was "What do people want out of a MUD?", but it seems that's not true. In the original, it was "What do you expect from MUD?". I know this, because today I came across a printout of that email.

Here's the opening to it (it goes on for another page, but SKIFF states his own opinions there so I'm not going to show that). The ink of the dot matrix printer I had back then has faded so much that I've had to enhance the colouring so you can read it.

I didn't recollect that this email was sent on 20th November. The fact it was is entirely coincidental, and therefore spooky.

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