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9:01am on Friday, 19th November, 2021:

Badly Handled


When I was a child, all the doors I encountered had knobs on them. Nowadays, they all have handles (or "levers", as they seem to be called by those who make them).

I can see why handles are going to be more popular among people with no hands or who need to open them when their hands are full, but I prefer knobs. With handles, I have to use the hand that the handle wants me to use; with knobs, I can use the hand that I want to use (which would be the right hand, every time). I also like the way that knobs can be turned either clockwise or anti-clockwise, it doesn't matter, but handles have invariably been rigged so you can only push them down, you can't pull them up.

I particularly dislike handles, however, because they're at the exact height that the belt loops on my trousers are. It's bad enough when they go up my sleeve if I'm carrying a drink, but when they hook on my belt loops they can rip them off. Knobs do neither of these.

Yes, this did happen to me this morning, and yes, I am unhappy about it.

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