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10:32am on Saturday, 20th March, 2021:

Different Dream


I've mentioned before that I don't seem to dream like most other people. I know I must dream, but I almost never remember them. When I do remember them, though, they're lucid: I know I was dreaming and I had conscious control over what went on in the dream. I don't know if this is the case for the dreams I don't remember, but suspect it is because sometimes in a dream I do remember I get flashes of memories of dreams I didn't remember until that point.

I remember dreams in three cases: when the dream wakes me up I will always remember it; when waking up gives me the dream I may remember it; when I decide to have a dream before I go to bed, I'll always remember it.

Normally, I don't get the dream-wakes-me-up version unless there's a system problem (impending cramp, for example). However, last night I was woken up not so much by the dream as by what happened in it, which was very unusual and unexpected. I was in the industrial part of a city and I saw a gas storage container in the distance. It was low, but I thought it would look better higher, so I raised it. Between me and the container, in the mid-distance but not obscuring my view, was a large building shaped a bit like a cowrie shell. I wondered what it might be like if I made that building rotate about its axis like a barrel, so I rotated it. The part of the building that was below ground came above ground, and the part that was above ground went below ground.

This was OK, but one of the rooms that had been below ground had cats and kittens in it, all of which had now been rotated upside-down from where they'd been sleeping. The scene of dopey cats trying to figure out what had just happened and trying to right themselves with other cats piled on top of them was hilarious. It was so amusing that I woke up laughing at it.

There was no systems reason for me to wake up. I woke up simply because it was funny. This isn't something that's really happened to me before, but obviously I'm not complaining that it did.

I'm now wondering if I'd have remembered the dream had it not woken me up with a slapstick moment. It does seem to add weight to the suggestion that all my dreams are lucid, including ones that I don't normally remember, though.

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