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2:48pm on Sunday, 21st March, 2021:

Something Wrong


The CE317 assignment is in, so I'm having to mark it. Yes, it is the weekend, but the CE217 assignment is due in next week and I want to get as many of these done before that wave hits. I've done three so far, out of close to 60. There are over 90 students taking CE217. CE317 assignments take something like 30-60 minutes each to mark; CE217 assignments take maybe 15 minutes longer. Marking is going to dominate my Easter break.

Actually, it's not the marking that's the problem. If all I had to do was mark, I could whiz through each assignment in 10 minutes. The problem is the provision of feedback. This is what takes all the time.

Here's what passed for feedback when I was an undergraduate.

I doubt that "(must be something wrong)" would be accepted by today's students.

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