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9:30am on Tuesday, 8th December, 2020:

BCS Seminar


I did another external talk — that's three in quick succession. This one was at the BCS Edinburgh Branch, and (as is usual these days) did not involve my having to go anywhere. This is a shame, because December talks at BBCS Edinburgh are reputed to be accompanied by a rather good buffet. Oh well!

The subject of the talk was "How to Be a God", which those of you who participated in the book-cover-selection excerise a few weeks ago will recognise as the title of the book I've been working on for two years. The talk is indeed based on themes I develop in that book, and may well be of interest to those who started reading the book but didn't get this far because the route to it was too long, windy and boring.

The talk is pretty much the same as one I gave at IEEE CoG last year, except that this time it was recorded. You can see the slides here https://edinburgh.bcs.org/events/2020/201202_presentation.pdf or watch the 66-minute video here https://edinburgh.bcs.org/events/2020/201202_AI_Games_and_Ethics_-_How_to_Be_a_God.mp4.

Alternatively, you can do neither, which is what I myself shall be doing.

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