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10:58am on Wednesday, 9th December, 2020:

Ring of Stones


Back in the days when we ran MUD2 on Wireplay, some marketing person decided that we ought to promote the game by selling T-shirts. How selling might equal promotion wasn't clear, but I was asked to provide some text for the T-shirts. I polled the players and the most popular idea was the text of the most dangerous activity in the whole game: an encounter with the dragon.

The marketing person promptly sent us a box of white T-shirts, all size XL, bearing the text. That was the end of the marketer's involvement, and Wireplay went under shortly afterwards.

I'd forgotten about these T-shirts until I found them in the attic while looking for things to put in the skip a couple of weeks ago. They had survived rather well, so I put them into the clothes recycling instead. I kept some back for archive reasons.

The colour of the text has bled a little, bbut the fabric is fine. It must have been made of something that's illegal now.

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