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11:57am on Sunday, 24th March, 2019:



It seems that I won some more playing cards on eBay.

These are by the Speelkaarten Fabriek Nederland company, and they have the same pattern as the ones I won in February. The aces are non-pictorial, though, and they're a patience deck rather than a Piquet deck (so are smaller but 2s-6s are present).

Figuring out how old these cards are is tricky, because the tax stamp would have been on the box (which I don't have). The fact that the aces don't have pictures on them turns out to be unusual: all the ones on the World Web Playing Card Museum site either have pictorial aces or ones that are less ornate.

My guess is that they're quite early in Speelkaarten Fabriek Nederland terms. They have old-style jacks, but more importantly they have a joker that doesn't have "The Jolly Joker" written on it. That would place them closer to 1909 than 1919.

Whatever, I bid on them because I liked their look, so am pleased to have them regardless.

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