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5:35pm on Monday, 25th March, 2019:



Populism is seen to be a bad thing because it enables a tyranny of the majority. Referenda enable populism, therefore they are a bad thing.

If you are against populism, you really don't want to legitimise referenda. Holding a referendum to overturn the result of an earlier referendum does legitimise referenda. It's fighting populism with populism: no matter what the result, the concept of populism wins.

The ends doesn't justify the means. If it does justify the means, then the concept of the ends justifying the means also becomes legitimate, which is even worse than populism for enabling tyrannies.

People are saying that Theresa May is the worst Prime Minister ever, but in my book David Cameron beats her for calling a referendum on Brexit in the first place.

I want a save game from early 2016 and I want it loaded now.

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