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3:11pm on Monday, 4th February, 2019:



I inexplicably won some more playing cards on eBay.

These are Merk Amstel Nederland Speelkaarten, manufactured by Speelkaartenfabriek Nederland of Amsterdam. I'm not sure of the date because the World Web Playing Card Museum doesn't have them, but they do have something very similar from the 1920s.

The reason the WWPC doesn't have the cards is because it's a Piquet deck, meaning it only has 32 cards (7-king plus ace in each suit). This one actually has 33 cards, with a 6 of hearts in there too for some reason.

The Netherlands isn't renowned for its playing cards, and these are the first to go in my collection. I bought them because I liked the look of the pictures, plus I'm a sucker for aces that show places on them. They're newer than the cards I usually buy (not yet a century old), but you have to start somewhere...

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