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7:59am on Monday, 24th September, 2018:

You've Not Got Mail


This mail software on my laptop is absolute rubbish!

It's the Mail app that comes with Windows 10. I can set it up to read from mud.co.uk, but any emails I reply from that address can't themselves be replied to. I can send emails from that address that can be read, but I can't read the replies. This is why I've been using my university address for emails all this week.

I had seven emails saved in my inbox yesterday morning. Three were long messages I was going to reply to that evening (so the recipients could see them this morning); two had links in them I wanted to use when I got back home; one contained a bunch of comments on a book that I wanted to incorporate into it when I got back; one was a message from Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs, telling me to log in and check my messages (which I can't do from here as I don't have the login details).

When it came to yesterday evening, only the HMRC email remained. This one had been sent to mud.co.uk. All the emails sent to essex.ac.uk had disappeared.

I logged onto the Essex email web server and checked. Yup, they were gone. Not just gone, though: >gone<. They hadn't been moved to a deleted-items folder or anywhere else: they'd been taken out into the courtyard and shot, then their bodies fed to wild dogs.

I've left emails in my essex.ac.uk inbox for weeks before and they've been safe and sound. My assessment is that this Mail app decided to synchronise with the server and thoughtfully tidy it up in the process. It didn't even use any kind of date checking: emails that were five days old disappeared with those that were two days old. It would probably have done in my HMRC email too if it was set up right.

This is Microsoft's way of telling me I need a new laptop...

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