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8:32am on Sunday, 23rd September, 2018:

Save a Pike


The hotel I'm staying in is exceptionally proud of its eco-credentials. It uses only electricity from wind farms or hydroelectric power stations; it gets its heating from four geothermal boreholes; it uses "chemcal-free" products for cleaning (I guess they mean chemicals not produced in factories); it has only low-flow showers and taps; it recycles rubbish after sorting it into 17 different materials; it uses only rainwater to water the garden.

It also saves pikes.

There's a page and a half in the welcome book about saving pikes. Apparently, predatory fish are necessary because they eat the small fish that feed on algae-eating crustaceans. With fewer algae-eating crustaceans you get more algae, which messes up the water supply or something.

Anyway, to redress this balance, the hotel has a "save a pike" campaign. If you hang the sign on your door, the hotel won't clean your room for that day and will send 20 SEK (about £2) to the Swedish Anglers and Fish Conservation Association for them to help save pikes (they operate pike factory breeding grounds).

The Swedish for "save a pike" is "rädda en gädda", which looks as if it rhymes. It must be true, then.

I've saved a pike every day so far except one, because the bin was getting full.

The sign has blown off the doorhandle and onto the floor on every occasion.

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