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12:52pm on Tuesday, 25th September, 2018:

Oranges and Lemons


The hotel I'm staying in has its own, ruined church in its grounds, which it rents from Visby town council.

This is the former Sankt Clemens church which gives the hotel its name. It's quite agreeable, with some runes carved into it and a resident cat. You can go and have coffee there in the afternoon, although I had my look around it in the evening.

I do like the way that Sweden implements contractions with a colon, so the name is written "S:t Clemens". If we did this in English, I wouldn't have to keep explaining why "Saint Clement's Street" is shortened to "St Clement's St.", because the distinction between an abbreviation and a contraction would be clear.

Then again, for all I know they may only do it for Sankt/S:t and not other contractions such as Doktor/D:r.

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