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3:22pm on Tuesday, 12th July, 2016:



Our port of call today is Málaga. I've never liked the name (as it starts with 'mal') (and it sounds like a Greek swearword); it didn't look promising from the cruise port, either — just lots of 8-storey housing developments. Most people went on a day trip to Granada rather than pootle around in Málaga, and who can blame them given how beautiful the Alhambra is.

We've been to Granada before, though, albeit nearly 30 years ago. We therefore decided to look around Málaga.

I was pleasantly surprised. It had a modern centre with a few narrow streets, and didn't look at all run down. It had a Moorish fortress, the Alcazaba, which was quite pretty in places. Here's one of the interior gardens:

OK, so it's about a fifth as long as the one in Granada and nowhere near as beautiful, but it's not surrounded by crowds and does still look good.

We were told the temperature today was going to be a scorching 37 Celsius, but it felt more like 35 to me.

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