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4:30pm on Wednesday, 13th July, 2016:

Sea Day


Our final day on the cruise is a sea day, so nothimg has happened. Over the past fortnight, we've seen some of our distinctive fellow passengers so often we've given them nicknames:
- The Voice. An English guywith an amazingly good voice. He sounds like Michael Gambon, but better. If he ever needs a retirement job, voice-over agencies would get into a bidding war over him.
- Visor Woman. A woman who always wears a visor. She has several, and co-ordinates them with the rest of her outfit.
- The Whitewalker. This is an ancient lady who spends her whole time wandering around the ship with the support of her automated Zimmer frame. She looks as if she's been dead for several years.
- The One-Armed Bandit. It's a cruel name for someone with only one arm, but she spends hours in the casino playing the slots so we had no alternative.
- Mark Twain. A white-haired bloke who looks like Mark Twain.
- Speedy. A guy in a disability scooter who drives like it's a formula 1 motor car.
- Those Two. A Chinese-American couple we had breakfast with once. They're quite entertaining.
- Jacket Man. The only person on the ship who always wears a jacket at meals. That would be me, then.

Here's a picture of something worth two in the bush:

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