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2:41pm on Monday, 11th July, 2016:



Today's stop is Gibraltar. We had a look around this morning, but it got to 30 degrees Celsius in the shade so we didn't hang around all day. The place is a bit like a British seaside town, only far hotter and with the amusement arcades replaced by occasional instruments of governance (you don't military guards outside the town hall in Scarborough). There are British shops, police officers, rubbish bins, post boxes and accents. Most people seem to live in blocks of flats, though, which isn't a British thing. Also, did I mention it was hot?

There's one major tourist attraction in Gibraltar: the rock. We got to the cable car fairly early (before 10am) and found a queue maybe 10 minutes long. When we came down and hour and a bit later, it was more like 90 minutes long, if not longer. The views from the top are spectacular:

Gibraltar is famous for its population of apes that live on the rock, which are happy to engage in grab-it-and-run raids on anything they like the look of. We saw quite a lot of them, some of which had babies with them that they were still breastfeeding. However, rather than show you the cute pictures (nobody likes baby pictures), I thought I'd go with this one instead:

Now there's a chap with whom I can identify.

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