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10:32am on Friday, 1st January, 2016:

Onwards and Downwards


Ah, the first day of a new year. I'll get used to the way that they all start with 20 now eventually.

So, let's take a trip to Google Analytics and learn that ... readership of my blog has declined yet again, with 31,003 visits in 2015. This compares with 33,593 in 2014, 55,273 in 2013 and 65,892 in 2012. It's a fall, then, but a graceful one this time rather than a precipitous one.

By far the most-read post was the one from 4th May in which I stated my astonishment at being one of the top 50 players of The Secret World; it had 326 reads. Most posts were around the 100 mark, but two others stood out.

175 reads: a mention I was getting a present of tea for my birthday.

162 reads: me asking of there's a tool that imports Lego constructions into Minecraft.

There's also a weird period from 8th May to 20th May when every post has between 150 and 200 reads. None of them seem particularly special, so maybe they're just people who read the Secret World post checking in again a few days later to see if I had anything else to say about it. As it happens, I did have a lot to say about it, but constrained myself to explaining why I was quitting it on May 9th.

So, it looks as if the way to get more reads is to name-check Bettys of Harrogate, Minecraft and The Secret World. Bribery also probably works.

I'd do some analysis of the reposts I do on Facebook, but I can't find the button I'm supposed to click.

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