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12:55pm on Wednesday, 25th March, 2015:

Critical Mass


I saw the Head of Department Stoday about how to teach some material for our new Games MSc that overlaps with other material I'll be teaching (short answer: "don't"). More interestingly, though, he was able to show me the raptor drone he keeps in his office.

Wow! We have a robotics lab, an AI group and a games group. That's critical mass! More importantly, we have money we need to spend before the end of June so we have to do this whether we like it or not...

We're thinking of getting one of the robots to make a town out of Lego (because that's less boring that making one ourselves) then sending drones in to Do Fun Stuff. Bonus: Lego people can't sue us if they're decapitated by whizzing drone blades (actually people can't either, but their relatives might on their behalf).

Why stop at SimCity or Cities: Skylines when you can have real-life Lego cities populated by AI-controlled Lego people upon which you can rain occasional flaming death?

We should start on this quickly, before someone makes it illegal.

Aside: is there a system whereby you can build something out of Lego, point a couple of cameras at it on import it into Minecraft? If not, there's a Kickstarter project for you right there. Or, to be more accurate, right here.

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